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ALSC Acoustic Hoods

AMT series of side tables are available in a wide range of sizes and worktop finishes including White , Stainless , Stainless 316 and Trespa Athlon

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Airborne vibrations can occur from a wide range of sources examples include ; fans, ac units open windows, doors opening and closing and traffic. These vibrations disturb sensitive instruments such as microscopes and balances and limit their performance.

The ALSC acoustic hood is made entirely from acrylic panels which can be thoroughly cleaned to meet the requirements of working with most types of materials.The use of interlocking clear acrylic panels giveds complete visibiilty during operations , a major concern of many users

ALSC Acrylic Acoustic Hoods

Application : Removes airborne vibrations that limit performance of sensitive instruments


Available Hood sizes (mm's)
750x750x600 900x750x600 1200x750x600


Material Clear 6mm acrylic front,top and sides
White 10mm acrylic rear panel
Construction Interlocking panels held together with
nylon thumbscrews
Access holes front panel
2 off 150x200mm
Access service port 60mm diameter, back panel,right bottom
Shipping Weight 40kg
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