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AMS Balance Platforms

  • Precision Balance Table
  • For precision analytical balances
  • Removes up to 98% or unwanted vibrations
  • Stainless steel surface , range of sizes
  • Tuned Sorbothane low frequency isolators
  • Supplied to Mettler Toledo and other leading balance suppliers

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  • Removes up to 98 percent of unwanted vibrations
  • Sorbothane low frequency isolators
  • Compatible with Mettler Toledo Balances and other leading suppliers of precsion balances
  • Sound deadened construction outperforms simple steel and granite platforms
  • Ideal for precision  digital balances


  1. Sizes 30x45, 40x50, 60x60 cms
  2. Working height
  3. Sorbothane isolators

AMS Balance Tables

Application : For use with 3 to 5 place balances , removes vibrations .


Available Table sizes (mm's)
300x450 450x500 600x600


Working Height 55mm
Load capacity 25kgs
Surface finish stainless steel
Isolators 7Hz
4 off Sorbothane isolators
Isolation performance

95 percent
98 percent
Weight 12kg
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