Life science covers a wide range of disciplines including those of molecular biology, biomedical science, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical science, neuroscience and aspects of environmental science as well as other areas concerned with the studies of living organisms such as plants and animals. 

Sensitive precision equipment such as performance optical microscopes, electron microscopes, microbalances, sensitive spectrometers, NMR imaging systems are used in much of these research areas.

font x Dificulties in obtaining accurate and consistent data may arise from vibration noise reaching these instruments from many sources including air conditioners , lifts , nearly roads and even other peoples experiments.

Solutions can be found from effective vibration isolation from simple isolators to complete custom isolation systems for instruments weighing from a few kgs up to several thousand kgs and have made systems as large as 3x4m for specialist applications.

We have supplied researchers throughout the world in numerous major research centres with our products and have significantly improved the performance of their instruments. Applications such as laser confocal microscopy, time lapse microscopy, patch clamping, atomic force and scanning probe microscopy are all examples of areas in which vibrations can cause significant problems.

We offer a very broad range of



Vibration-isolation Tables and Workstations