Application Overview 

Choosing the correct isolation product depends upon your specific application. The degree of isolation required will depend on the severity of the vibrations and the sensitivity of the instrument. We offer a wide range of isolators including elastomeric, pneumatic and passive and active types to suit most situations.

Precsion Balances
AMS series The Sorbothane isolators, which are used in this series, have a natural frequency as low as 7Hz and will deal effectively with vibrations from sources such as rotating machinery at frequencies of 20Hz and above.

series Air Isolators, which are used in this series are ideal for High Precsion balances where
very small weight are being measured 

AMD-SS  75x75  This worksation includes the AMS30x45 balance table recessed into the top surface.

AMD-SA 75x75  This worksation includes the AMB30x45 balance table recessed into the top surface.

All stainless steel   feature a satin silicon 240 ground finish which meets the most stringent cleanliness requirements, with a surface roughness of less than Ra 0.4.

Typical applications
laboratory weighing with balances to 3 to 5 place balances inspection with laboratory level microscopes.

Performance level applications
AM series air 2Hz air isolators isolate out even low frequency building vibrations. Our tables incorporate four isolators and will work for loads up to 160kgs, which includes most research level microscopes. Simple isolators generally do not provide adequate isolation for more sensitive instruments such as confocal microscopes, interferometers, semiconductor bond testers and other instruments listed below.

AMF active self-levelling tables
AMP passive pump-up tables

Also available as Workstations, which comprise a table on a frame and accept a modular range of accessories including, shelves, frame guards, monitor stands, castor/feet and active area top plates.
AMB balance tables are preloaded to around 30kgs and are recommended for 4 to 7 digit microbalances. We also supply a range of,
AMT series is a range worktables which sit alongside the workstations.

stainless steel versions feature satin silicone 240 ground stainless with an Ra of less than 0.4, which is suitable for cleanrooms, laminar flow cabinets and other hazardous areas.

AMC series contoured table are designed specifically for microscope users.

Typical applications include:
Life Science:
Confocal laser microscopy
electrophysiology (patch clamping)
time lapse microscopy
stem cell research
atomic force microscopy
spectrometry (FTIR etc.)
fluorescence microscopy
IVF, micro-weighing (eg: analytical balances in laminar flow cabinets),
cancer research (cell microscopy etc)
cell imaging, drug testing (using balances)

semiconductor bond and wafer testing
microhardness testing
surface profiling (contact and non-contact)
thermal analysis,

Ultra-sensitive and high load applications
Hi-Spec and AMH

Our Hi-Spec 1Hz isolators have an ultra low frequency and provide the best isolation and versions are available for loads as high as 2000Kgs (4off legs). They are available as Hi-Spec stand-alone rounds legs or AMH tables, where isolators are built into a heavy-duty frame with 12x12cm box section steel legs. These are ideal for heavy instruments such as electron microscopes, NMR imagers, optical tables and heavy measuring instruments.

Typical applications include:
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
electron microscopy
photonics (optical tables with lasers etc)
CTP (computer to print machines)
co-ordinate measuring machines,