Many of our products are in use in hospitals and areas involved in medical research. We have taken great care to ensure that the designs are easy to clean and use materials that conform to the highest standards. This includes using silicone carbide ground satin stainless steel, which has an Ra of 0.4 and has no entrapment areas such as can occur even in highly polished stainless steel surfaces.

The platforms have a smooth top plate, which allows for complete cleaning and the underside of the tables can be supplied sealed to ensure no ingress of materials willoccur. This can be particularly important in applications such as weighing in laminar flow cabinets, where hazardous material are being used and thorough decontamination is essential.

Our isolation products have been used with a wide range of instruments in applications such as cell imaging, IVF, drugs testing, cancer research, microbalance weighing, electrophysiology and many other areas.