Industrial markets we have sold into include inspection , measurement, nanotechnology and semiconductor.

The need for accurate inspection and measurement has led to the requirement to make measurements of either very small distances or masses. The types of equipment that fall into this category include microhardness testers, surface profilers , interferometers, thermoanalysers and microbalances.

In the semiconductor industry , instruments such as bond testers and wafer inspection instruments are very sensitive to vibrations – and we have sold air isolators extensively into these applications. In the manufacture of devices it is frequently necessary to position parts to within microns in performing operations. At thislevel the smallest vibrations can hinder operations.

In areas such as nanotechnology, electron microscopes, AFM and SPM microscopes are standard tools and need proper isolation from vibrations to work to their full specifications.

We supply products for all these applications to cover the widest range of requirements.
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