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AMC-7 Contoured Platform

  • Suitable for Educational and Laboratory Microscopes
  • Elastomeric Isolators
  • Compatible with most Olympus microsocpes ,Zeiss,Leica and other microscopes
  • Steel Construction

Microscope Platforms designed to remove vibrations which may limit the optical performance. Their T shaped profile is deisgned for maximum user comfort when operating the microscope focussing and filter controls. 

Custom designed isolators remove over 97% of horizontal vibrations at 50Hz with extremely low natural resonance frequencies.

AMC-7 Contured Microscope Platform

Application : For use Educational & Laboratory Microscopes , removes vibrations .


Available Table sizes (mm's)
650 x 380mm


Working Height 25mm
Load capacity 25kgs , 75kg Option L
Surface finish White epoxy powder
Construction Steel
Isolators 2Hz Horizontal, 7Hz Vertical
3 off Sorbothane isolators
Isolation performance

96 percent
98 percent
Weight 10kg
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