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Passive Air Isolation Platforms

Anti-vibration tale for microscopy are available in sized from 600x600mm to 900x1500mm as standard. These tables do not require a air supply and use a high performance rolling diaphragm air isolator. Suitable for microscopes and other high performance instruments.

 Features Include:

  •  2Hz pneumatics rolling diaphragm Isolation
  •  Ideally suited to reduce vibration in many situations
  •  Stainless steel or white epoxy surface finishes
  •  Wide range of accessories inluding Frame , shelves , castors and many more
  •  Already used around the world in combination with equipment from Nikon, Leica, Olympus and many more

Passive Levelling - Pump up to achieve correct operation . No air supply required.

Accessories Incl - Frame for Platform , Guards Shelves and other accessories.

 AMP passive Air  platforms

Application : For use with Precsion microscopes and instruments , removes vibrations .


Available Table sizes (mm's)
600x600 600x900 600x1200
750x900 750x1200 750x1500
900x900 900x1200 900x1500


Platform working height mm
Load capacity 100kgs
Surface finish White epoxy or stainless steel
Isolators 2Hz Air, damped, rolling diphragm
AMF- Self levelling active air
AMP- Passive,air valve, pump-up
Isolation performance

97 percent
99 percent
Air supply for AMF self levelling 5 to 10 bar max via 6mm airline
Weight Approx 70kg
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